Additional Resources

The page is designed to be a repository for background and archival materials about Lake Raleigh Woods. If you have materials that you think should be included in this section, please send them to Larry Nielsen at Thank you.

Dr. Gary Blank's graduate classes have produced analyses and information that support the management of Lake Raleigh Woods. The following two documents are products of his classes. Please note that these documents are not official university documents. The title of the first document--draft management plan--is the title used by Dr. Blank and his class; it does not mean that this document or its contents are under review or consideration as the management plan for the university. The Advisory Council has yet to undertake any action regarding a specific management plan.

Draft Managment Plan for Lake Raleigh Woods 2010

Environmental Assessment for Lake Raleigh Woods 2006

CALS Centennial Campus Academic Summary March 2011

Proposal to Establish Quay Woods, an Educational and Biodiversity Natural Reserve at North Carolina State University 2005

WALARA Symposium 2004

Lake Raleigh Woods Age Structure Delineation and Mappingg 2003

Fungal Diversity in Lake Raleigh_Bishop 2012

Lake Raleigh Woods Fungi Collection 2012

Management and Scale of Acces of University Natural Areas_Hoffman 2012