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New Golden LEAF Grant Project to Support Wood Shops and Factories Grow Sales to Retail Stores

The Golden LEAF Foundation of North Carolina is a sponsor of economic benefit activities across North Carolina that supports the growth of local businesses.  This project works in the western fifty counties directly with wood shops and factories to develop wooden products for the wholesale furniture manufacturing industry from January 2014 to June 2015. Retail buyers will be also be included in the project that will offer connections to the wood shops.
This project is sponsored by the Golden LEAF Foundation to promote a wide economic boost to the North Carolina economy by working with hundreds of wood shops to market locally made wood products to the state's retail stores selling furniture and home furnishings

Two websites are set up to serve the needs of these three business sectors.  These websites have limited access to each of these groups:

  1. Wood shops-will have access to information about the retail stores and for North Carolina vendors of lumber, plywood and supplies

  2. Retail stores-will have access to information about the wood shops and factories

  3. Vendors-will have access to infomation about the wood shops and factories

These websites are available to these groups after a business completes a short Google Docs Form at these locations. 

1-Wood shops form link

2-Retail stores form link

3-Vendors form link