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Educational Workshops for Firewood, Small Sawmills and Lumber Drying Operations-
September and October 2013, and April 2014

The Wood Education and Resource Center of Princeton, West Virginia and North Carolina State University are hosting a series of three educational workshops for firewood, small sawmill and lumber business operation in the Fall of 2013. These workshops are also sponsored by Small Sawmill and Independent Woodlot Magazine. The purpose is to provide an educational and networking opportunity for business owners, managers and their staff on topics important to their business operations.

1-Profitable Drying of Small Quanties of Lumber-September 25th and 26th, 2013 -a two day hands on drying class where we will use a modern steam dry kiln that has computer controls to dry a charge of green hardwood lumber. The attendees will use board samples to moniter the drying process and make changes as needed to insure proper drying, equalization and conditioning of the lumber. We will discuss how moisture meters may be used to estimate lumber moisture content, how to reduce stain and degrade when yard and kiln drying, the science of how lumber dries, different types of dry kilns including solar and dehumidification dry kilns, and how to create and modify drying schedules. The cost is $50 for the workshop and includes a buffet lunch. This class is limited to 30 persons. Link for Workshop Registration Brochure PDF

2-Profitable Firewood Processing-rescheduled for April 2014 -a one day educational and networking event for the firewood industry that discusses the national market for split and kiln dried firewood with discussions led by top firewood industry professionals. We will have lectures on sourcing wood, small and large scale processing equipment, kiln drying prinicples and types of dry kiln equipment, proper facility and equipment layout, reports from firewood business owners on what they have learned by being in the business, insect quarantines and what buyers of firewood want, We will have a large national buyer of firewood discuss how the wholesale kiln dried market works and how to better with with large buyers and brokers. This workshop will have demonstrations of firewood processing equipment and a firewood dry kiln for observation. The cost is $25 and includes a buffet lunch. Link for Workshop Registration Brochure PDF

3-Profitable Small Sawmilll Processing-October 24th, 2013 -a one day workshop that discusses the business aspects of running a profitable small sawmill business. This workshop will include classroom lectures and outdoor sawing demonstrations. The classroom lectures will discuss the art and science of sawing logs into lumber as well as how to operate a small sawmill at a profit. The discussions will include yard and kiln drying including discussions of solar and dehumidification dry kilns, as well as how to reduce drying degrade and stain. The outdoor demonstrations will include the operation of a portable sawmill, edger and resaw. The cost is $25 per person and includes a buffet lunch. Link for Workshop Registration Brochure PDF

Princeton, West Virginia is located at Exit 14 (Athens Road) on I-77 just 14 miles north of the VA/WV border. Motels can be found at Exit 9 US 460 at Princeton.

Completed Workshop Reports

Profitable Firewood Workshop Report, September 25th and 26th, 2013-this was a successful workshop that hosted seventeen wood focused individuals that dired a charge of hardwood lumber using the sample board technique. We monitored the drying using the oven drying method and two types of moisture meters-pin and surface. Instructors included Phil Mitchell and Harry Watt of North Carolina State University, Brian Bond of Virginia Tech and Neal Bennett of the US Forest Service. Below are some photos of the workshop.

brian bond solar kiln talk wood education and resource center
phil mitchell talk wood education and resource center
harry watt lumber samples wood education and resource center
moisture meter readings wood education and resource center
neal bennett dehumidification dry kiln wood education and resource center
neal bennett strapping lumber wood education and resource center