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Marketing to Grow Public Furniture Production Using US Lumber and Plywood

This project promotes the production by local and regional businesses furniture and interior furnishings of products purchased by school districts and local governmental units.  Marketing is a key factor of success for wood products businesses and it is a good economic practice for local governments and school districts to purchase furniture from nearby businesses.

Marketing activities needed to be undertaken by wood products businesses include:

  1. Networking with the state's Purchasing and Contracts Department in order to learn what they are accepting and offering school districts, state agencies and local governments.  Networking means getting to know the important state employees and meeting their need to offer good value for the public's expenditures on furniture and related products.

  2. Developing new product lines that make sense for public entities to purchase.  These product line have to have some economy of scale of material choices, processing methods, etc. in order to be competitive with other products and manufacturers.

  3. Researching the needs of the customer in terms of product performance, product life, style and affordability. Typically public furniture buyers seek a balance between cost and performance they term as "Good Value."  Good Value mean the taxpayer is getting the best furniture relative to its cost and expected life.

  4. Educational outreach is important for manufacturers is important to inform the buyers of the virtues of the wood products manufacturer's products and service.  Buyers are not often familiar with the details of good versus poor furniture quality and the wood products manufacturer has the duty to offer that education in order to grow sales.