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Promoting US Local Hardwood Wood Products-a WERC Project


Reinventing Hardwoods Markets Grant Project Phase II

This project is a market development effort to support efforts to grow sales, profitability and employment for wood products manufacturers who use US hardwoods making value added wood products. These hardwoods are uniquely suited to making cabinets, furniture and millwork for a wide variety of uses in residential home, institutional and commercial buildings. Traditionally Americans have been using a large number of Eastern hardwood species for the products that make the American lifestyle enjoyable.

Phase I Reinventing Hardwood Wood Markets-Researched Three Metro Cities for Information on the Production and Retail Sales of Cabinets, Furniture and Millwork

Phase I of the Reinventing Hardwood Markets WERC Grant Project studied the metro cities of Charleston, WV, Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA to understand if potential of growing the production and sales of value added wood products.  See the Phase I website at for what was learned and about new opportunities for US businesses to grow the production and sales of wood products made with US hardwoods.

Leadership Conference for Local Wood Products- Held Thursday,  August 2nd, 2012  at the Wood Education and Resource Center, Princeton, West Virginia

Do check out our pdf downloads on the menu bar above that contains marketing information helpful to wood products businesses that make cabinets, furniture and millwork.


See Below-Highlights From the Leadership Conference for Local Wood Products

Link for Lighlights From the
August 2012 International Woodworking Fair
in Atlanta, Georgia

The Leadership Conference for Local Wood Products was held at the Wood Education and Resource Center at Princeton, West Virginia on Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 and attracted a wide variety of forest and wood producs industry leaders.  The group discussed the important issues of how to regrow our markets for hardwood lumber and plywood products with emphasis on new innovations that can better serve customers.

Below are pdf versions of the Leadership Conference's slide shows and workshop handouts:


A Great Group of Speakers Covering Important Topics to Promote the Wood Products Industry


Urs Buehlmann of VA Tech

discussing the niche markets

available for housing

Bob Smith of VA Tech Discussing the New Branding Program in Virginia for Wood Products called "Virginia First"

John Wetherington of Columbia Forest Products Discussing the Merits of US Made Hardwood Plywood

Harry Watt Discussing the Role of Leadership to Regrowing the US Hardwood Industry

Phil Mitchell of NC State University Telling the Story of Success About Stanley Furniture Company

Savanna Lyons of the WV Hub Telling the Successful Story of the Local Food Movement

Leadership Conference for Local Wood Products-Thursday, August 2nd, 2012-

at the Wood Education and Resource Center, Princeton, West Virginia

The purpose of the Leadership Conference is to bring together ideas and offer an a networking opportunity for the community of forest and wood products industry leaders from the private and public sectors.  The US needs a

revitalization of its forest and wood products industry that can create hundreds of thousands of new jobs and billions of dollars of economic activity for its citizens.  This serious restoration of past manufacturing activity can come using sustainable forestry and manufacturing practices that ensures healthly forests for generations in the future given that forests are renewable resources when managed properly.

The Leadership Conference will have consist of cutting edge speakers on the subjects of wood products marketing and lessons that can be learned from the successful Local Food and Slow Food Movements that the US public has well adopted.  There will be time alloted for discussions and transfers of ideas about how we in the private and public sectors can contribute to the needed revitalization of the forest and wood products industries.


Important News-Downloads
Supporting Articles and Information-PDF Downloads-see additional articles under Downloads on the Menu bar above
Two Markets to Retake for Our Forest and Wood Products Industries for Economic and Employment Growth-Casegoods Furniture and Furnishings in Schools and Government Offices
Maine Governor proclaims for Maine state construction projects that SFI certification is equal to FSC for LEEDS Points Oregon Local Network Connects Forestry and Wood Processors to Builders-a Good Example for Others to Follow

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